Don’t settle for a Website.

Sunday, March 13, 2011 by Richard Allen
Don’t let your Website ruin your products. Or your company.
Is that all you are to your customers? A Website?
I’ll bet 95% of you will say “we are so much more than organization is about the product experience, weren’t you listening?”
Yes, I was. So how much time and energy are you putting into defining an
Online Relationship with your customers? 
That is not defined as visits to a Website. Your customers spend time on the Internet. Hours in fact. And yet your marketing team probably gets excited when you jump from 2 minutes to 3 minutes time on site and report to the board that “engagement is up 50% in the first half!”
While that may be true, you have a long way to go. 
- Have you set up a results-driven process to optimize landing pages that spark someone to join your cause? 
- Have you launched innovative email campaigns suggesting customers join your community?
- Is your keyword research analysis telling you that your company is at the center of the action?
Airways really enjoys rolling up our sleeves, getting with your marketing and sales teams, and defining conversion goals that set the bar a higher today.
Raise your conviction, and you’ll raise your revenue 3x from a specific, measurable program. Don’t settle, there’s just too much opportunity out there.
Why drive a customer to a site other than your own?
There are dozens of great reasons, but the most important one is helping your customers see that you put their needs ahead of your own.
“But what if they don’t come back?”
What are you, desperate? Come on.
If you have a good product, and you are consistent with your marketing, they will be back when they are ready. And they will trust you more when they are ready.
Probably the same thing you told your 15-year-old daughter, heartbroken on Tuesday when her date cancelled...and flying high by Wednesday when she “got over him.”
Here’s another great reason: viral leverage for your campaign.
Apple just “adjusted” their strategy to promote the new iPad. Apple has had a YouTube channel since 2005, but in the past they felt it was more important to drive traffic to than to YouTube to view product videos. Now they are realizing that it’s more likely to “go viral” on YouTube than when the same content is on their own site.
Another great example of community building to lead brand building.
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