SEO Process and Google Penguin

Thursday, May 24, 2012 by David McElyea

Google, Google, Google.  In search of an ever better mouse trap Google released the Penguin update to their algorithm on April 24, 2012.  I don't fault Google for improving their product in fact I applaud them for it. Sadly, after suffering through the Panda update with an online retailer I know first hand the financial pain and resource suck these updates can cause.  So hear is the scoop from Matt Cutts at Google.  The update is designed to go after sites that violate Google's quality guidelines.  Specifically they are ranking sites lower that are keyword stuffing as well as sites with unusual link patterns.  If links on a page are unrelated to the content then penguin may not assign much value to those links.  The update has been referred to as an over-optimization penalty.

A solid SEO process should be a part of every website.  Beyond ranking well in organic search traffic for your market better SEO practices make your site more usable for your customers and easier for search engines to send you traffic.  If you stay on top of current SEO trends you will find less work awaits you when big updates roll out.  The guiding principle of all sites though should be to create a site that gives your users a unique experience in your marketplace.  Good original content in addition to a well thought out layout and design will produce not only loyal customer but potentially consistent search engine rankings as well.  Build a site for your users first and the search engines second.

Feel like poking the penguin? Check this out.

Better SEO - Why blogs are different/better than static websites.

Monday, March 8, 2010 by Leslie Gabriel
Search engines put high value on pages that are frequently updated. The more recently the page has been updated, the better. This is an area where a traditional Web site just can’t compete with a comprehensive corporate blogging strategy. Many sites are updated once a year…good sites are updated (on some pages) monthly.  Blogs are updated as frequently as several times a day. This is yet another reason why search engines love blogs. 

A blog is a way to easily publish to your community without technical skills. Gone are the days of relying on that one IT guy.

A blog is written in a much more personal voice than a website. Websites tend to be written with a cold corporate polished voice. And a corporate website usually has teams in the marketing department, sales department, and IT department analyzing every word on every page. 

So keep on blogging. Search engines love blogs. Keyword-rich content, linking, and age of the blog are all big factors when it comes to how search engines rank their results. 

Almost all blog traffic looks like this.

"Organic search traffic is the most critical metric I track."
— K Feller, Social Media Manager - Intel


No juniors here.

Friday, November 13, 2009 by Leslie Gabriel
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